A Wicked Core Workout!

A Wicked, Halloween-Themed Workout!

Don your best Halloween costume with confidence! Complete 5 rounds of this core circuit at least once this weekend, then add it to Generic viagra pills your routine another two times next week. Designed to tone up your mid-section, the cool thing about this Viagra without a prescription circuit is you can adjust your intensity level by opting for different sized pumpkins. So often, we hear the phrase: “I don’t have any equipment!” so we put this workout together with that in mind. The great news about our Halloween-themed workouts is Cialis in canada that you don’t need any! We bought our pumpkins down at Trader Joes for $2.99. And here’s the BEST part — you get to carve it (or hey, you could smash it too) when you’re finished.

Click the image above to print!


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